Saturday, April 18, 2009

Broadhurst in my Room

One thing Domino magazine introduced me to was the world of fabric and what to do with it. I fell in love with Australian designer Florence Broadhurst prints after seeing them in a couple of articles in Domino. You can read about her at My very favorite fabric of hers is the Japanese Floral. I had two pillows made by Urban Source, a small Chicago design studio with incredible papers and fabrics. Here is a photo of one of my pillows. It rests on my bed and brings me great joy.

This is her Fan pattern that I also adore. She has a mysterious past and died just as mysteriously. There is a book about her that I need to read one of these days.

There are a number of pieces in my room that bring me great joy. I found this mirror at the greatest thrift store in the Chicago suburbs. The store is in Aurora, IL and it always has some treasure that would cost double or more if it were in a downtown store. This mirror is about 4o inches in length and is an Italian antique. I bought it for around $150 or so. It is gorgeous.

Another piece I picked up at the thrift store for $50 is a fabulous white laminate Parsons table. It fit perfectly against our bedroom wall and we use it to hold books and other items like eye glasses, flowers and maybe one day a lamp.

I inherited this statue from my parents. It will always remind me of the study where my father kept his pipes and book collections. She moved around the house a bit but this is where I remember her most. Franny took this photo. She did a nice job I think.

For Christmas I asked Joe for one thing...kind of. I asked for this light fixture. Again, I had seen something like it in Domino and fell immediately for it.

Well, tomorrow I'll try to post about something good to eat. More later on what fills our rooms here on Oak Street.
Happy Saturday!
Some abundant thoughts for you on this Spring day!
When our hearts are wintry, grieving or in pain,
Your touch can call us back to life again,
Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been;
Love is come again like wheat arising green.
from Now the Green Blade Rises


  1. Yeah! Welcome to blogland! I love your new blog! But don't be giving away too many of your/our secrets (thrift store in Aurora!) I love the pieces you showed from your bedroom! Still would love to help you with that little project!