Thursday, July 1, 2010

wakeeney, kansas....

above - the little red church
on interstate 70- heading east we came upon this converted church that was filled from floor to ceiling with antiques in wakeeney, kansas. i imagine that the church was here long, long ago and had a little dirt road in front of it - maybe even a path through the tall grasses and farmers from far away would come on hot summer sundays or frosty winter mornings - for weddings, baptisms, funerals. empty churches don't seem right to me. there should be singing, shouting, praising going, it's an antique store filled with iron pots, buffalo skulls and dinner plates from the local bank with images of the Last Supper. ok, so i was in heaven though feeling a little guilty. i bought some deer antlers for $25. most everything was overpriced - didn't seem like the older gentleman who owned the store was interested in getting rid of any of it. perhaps he liked it piled high up to the windows. the past was the new congregation. photos below:

1. a collection of vintage luggage at the original entrance of the church
2. so good potato chips tin i should have bought instead of the antlers - isn't this image fabulous?!
3. sweet red rocking horses
4. crocks (?) on the blue wall
5. i wonder whose kansas kitchen wall she used to hang on
6. more wonderful crocks
7. original church windows - love this
8. oh, what a great old bowler hat....who did this belong to? was it a treasured possession?
9. at the pool at the koa in wakeeney
10. the fields surrounding the campground - amazing
11., 12. some fun signs i saw on the way to wakeeney
13. beautiful kansas

there is a motor cycle convention here tonight at the campground in lawrence, kansas (i'll post on lawrence another night!! ) hope to get some needed rest - but doubt it if the firecrackers keep going or the revving of the engines. ugh. hope you have an adventurous and creative friday friends!! paz, k


  1. Hey! Are you coming through Nebraska? Would love to see you if you're passing through!

  2. Fun! I so wish I was traveling right now : )
    Can't wait to hear about your drive through parts of Canada.... where will you be passing through?

  3. That really sounds so fun...I wish I would be there:) What a fun memories:)
    Kisses darling and have a wonderful weekend:)

  4. K ~

    I would love that vintage luggage on my front steps!

    Email me so that I can share some yoga stuff with you!

  5. Fabulous luggage! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  6. I just love old churches. The smell, the woodwork, the history...definitely an interesting place to sell antiques!

    Happy fourth of July weekend!