Sunday, July 11, 2010

the sweet proposal....

congratulations to gorgeous emily blunt on her marriage. i love, love this proposal. have you seen young victoria?! prince albert is quite dreamy...... hope you had a wonderful weekend. any interesting proposals come your way recently? also, if married, how did your love propose to you? my h proposed to me in a dark hallway in his apartment on the southwest side of chicago. we were supposed to sit on the steps of a beautiful cathedral but my plane arrived too late to get us downtown! funny how things turn out. k

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  1. I love love :)
    My husband was completely unprepared! We spent the day in NC with my mom observing the pretty fall scenery and the adorable downtown of Blowing Rock. I fell in love with a ring (not a diamond) so he snuck back & bought it. He was too excited and my Mom was making him nervous so they sent me away while they came up with a plan which was to hide it behind a pumpkin. When I came back they asked me to pick one out which is when I saw the little bag. Opened it, tears, hugs, laughter...the rest is history - it'll be 7 years on August 2nd :)