Thursday, July 8, 2010

oh lawrence....

so, kansas surprised me with a sweet little college town called lawrence. bookstores - sometimes three to a block, beautiful jewelry stores, cupcake shops, excellent restaurants, diversity of spirit, mind and population. oh, i'll be back. it was rich with life. have you been? photos below:
1. iron fence or art!!
2. pool joy right in the middle of lawrence
3. best veggie burger i've ever had!!
4. if i'd stayed any longer i would have visited this little tattoo parlor
5. bath shop i saw from the distance
6. love these bricks - the extraordinary in the most ordinary of places
7. crossing back over the great mississippi - home bound
8. hinge and nails at the boyhood home of h. truman - what life in those nails! who hammered them and was it raining on that day or snowing, was it some one's birthday or the beginning of summer?
9. abundance - we are blessed with this land

thanks for coming along my friends. hope you saw some things that surprised you and gave you joy. paz, k


  1. Blessings and prayers,

  2. I want to go there now, after all those beautiful photos:) Great post:) Have a wonderful afternoon my dear:)
    I am dreaming about a swimming pool right now...Its so hot!