Friday, July 30, 2010

i need a betty....

ok, so i don't have a bike - yet!- but i can dream. that's what blogging is all about i think - dreaming. i would love to have a sweet betty bag join me on a summer or fall excursion to the local farmer's market. i'd load her up with good things to eat - and ohhh how pretty she'd look. the magic is that they turn into totes!! heaven. do you have a betty bag? find them here. paz, k


  1. I keep dreaming about owning a bike as well... and sometimes I think it's just the basket that I want! lol!
    T love the colours on this one!

  2. I finally bought a schwinn cruiser bike two years ago, I ordered it online on sale for a song. It was turquoise in the picture and it did not give a choice of color, so I was disappointed when it came and it was silver and cobalt blue (imagine Dallas Cowboy colors) My husband said, send it back, but I said, no I am not 10, it doesn't matter what the color is...but I have bought no fewer that 3 vintage bike has become a weird addiction! LOL. Heidi

  3. Oh, I love that pretty bike with the betty bag! How much fun would that be to ride around on? :)