Monday, July 5, 2010

these wooden wings....

yes we are home. i've been doing laundry, unpacking and trying to catch up on sleep!! hope you had a great 4th of july. do you read ready made magazine? yet another fave of mine. i was struck by a pair of wooden wings in the most recent issue. a very cool south african couple had them hanging on a white wall. love them!!! found these for $12,000 at mews antiques. gulp. how beautiful they are! do you know of where to find such lovlies more reasonably priced? k


  1. Welcome back, darling. You've been missed!

  2. Welcome home! Someone else just recommended that mag to me as well, I will have to check it out!


  3. Welcome back sweetie....Lovely that you are home...Home sweet home!!!!
    Those are beautiful...If I see something in a good price I will let you know:)
    Kisses my lovely

  4. I make wings like that, if you are interested, send me an email,, i can send you a picture, and you can see if you like it.