Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cool calder....

i'm a huge fan of alexander calder. even writing his name makes me have butterflies. there is something about his work that sings to me, in me. i have my eye on a book at a used bookstore call calder at home. have you read or seen it? they're photos of his work and his home life. i'll post pics of it if it comes home with me one day. i owe my love of calder to my oldest friend's parents. they inherited a REAL calder piece that to this day sits outside of their bedroom. it is a gorgeous mobile i used to touch as a child and watch the different parts move, dance, sink, and lift. if only i had known then what i was touching.....happy thursday! paz, k



  1. I'm a mobile artist and big fan of Calder (obviously), and I have this book. I could spend hours looking at the photos of the beautiful clutter in his house - it's a great book. BTW today is the 112th anniversary of Calder's birthday! My website is

  2. wow. so fantastic. thanks for sharing this artist, darling!

    xo Alison

  3. He really is fantastic and his work is so lovely:) Hope you are enjoying yout Thursday,sweetie...Its very hot here:)


    ps: I hope you had a change to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

  4. calder was a genius, no doubt about it! cool post