Sunday, July 18, 2010

perfect patti....

i just finished a very interesting article in the latest vogue (gwynny is on the cover) about patti hansen, wife of rocker keith richards. i like reading how lovers meet and how they make it work for so many years. patti is a private person but bladder cancer has made her come out into the public now. she juggles many roles as mother, wife, spokesperson, matriarch. i was curious about her career as a model in the 80s so i did a search. no wonder keith fell for her and her wild blond locks. their daughters are just as gorgeous!
the article on Gwyneth was not as well written. i didn't think it dug deep enough into her life roles and her new cookbook. however, the photos of her are amazing. maybe i'll start doing a magazine article review each week. fun! hope you are having a beautiful weekend! paz, k

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  1. I read that too...I really loved this article:) It was so interesting:)Kisses,sweetie and enjoy your MOnday