Saturday, July 24, 2010

adorable dw....

these products are all from the very cool scottish designer donna wilson. you can find her odd objects, stationary, blankets, tea cozies and more here. hope you're having a fabulous weekend. images of fall keep popping into my head and i can't say i'm thrilled. my son has been asking for pumpkin pie and my mind drifts to burnt orange leaves and new scarves but i don't want this warmth or the long days to end. i want to wear my flip flops for another 6 months and let my arms continue to brown in the sun. what about you? are you looking forward to a change of season? k


  1. Not yet...I am with you...I want the summer to stay for long!!!...I love the sun and the heat..That pillow is amazing...such a cutie...right?

    Kisses my lovely and have a fun day with your kids...Muah

  2. gorgeous stuff! To be honest, I love the fall. So I'm definitely looking forward to knits & scarves... but I can wait... there's plenty more summer left in me : )