Friday, July 9, 2010


i'm in what feels to be a perpetual search for the perfect bed. i could go very modern or very ornate and feminine. what about you? do you sleep in your dream bed?
happy friday!! k
sweet dreams here


  1. i do sleep in my dream bed...with the man of my dreams. it's mostly the mattress that i love the most (tempurpedic), and then the leather headboard, and the fact that i have to climb up into it to snuggle under the best comforter ever (by Patti LaBelle, bought at

  2. Oh that looks so decadent and soft! I have a fantastic mattress and I did have a great bed but it didn't fit with the coved ceilings of our new house. So we're using an older rattan/wicker ikea bed that I don't mind but it's not my absolute fave.


  3. I have a modern bed, but dream of a more ornate one like this!

  4. That bed is beautiful and the little lamps so cute!...I think we do...I adore our vintage, black...metal...bed...with huge header. We got it about 2 years ago and we really love it:)
    Have a wonderful weekend,sweetie and see you soon!

  5. That is a luxurious looking bed, and so is your blog! Really like the feel of it!

    I used to sleep in my dream bed, also a tempurpedic... I sold it to a friend for half the price when I moved to Chile. Hoping to move back to the states again, though, and dream about being able to have a bed that comfy again! Already have some dream bedding, which includes an antique, velvety quilted comforter, which belonged to my mother.

  6. I don't have my dream bed yet, but if I were to favour my girly side, this bed would come pretty close to perfection. It looks fit for royalty - can just picture someone like Grace Kelly having slept here!

  7. i LOVE the lamps!

    have a gorgeous weekend :)

    xo Alison

  8. Wow, I want this bed!!! Lovely... cute... wonderful... But my bed is also like this... a little bit :-)