Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh those ceilings!

maybe a screen behind the bed as a headboard?

loving this furniture from lombok out of the uk. modern sleek design mixes well with traditional as always. which is your favorite? still on the hunt for the perfect bed but i think i might just find some nice fabric for a headboard, get a king size bed on a frame and call it a day. that way i won't be committing to something i might end up not liking in a couple of years. i am a bit fickle with furniture you know.....paz to you today. k


  1. great style in these pieces, very clean. going to check them out - thanks!

  2. That sounds like a plan...I bet you could make something amazing...I know what you mean about the ceilings...Awww I love them too:)
    Ps: Sweetie, I am in Budapest currently...We move a lot:)
    Kisses darling

  3. ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!


  4. Darling choices!! I too am very fickle with furniture choices!

    Thanks for coming by Ada & Darcy this week. Hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie xx