Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mommy earth, daddy sun....

last evening at the dinner table my littlest one said "where did the earth and sun live when they were babies?" translation: how were they formed and was there something that created them like a mommy earth and daddy sun? kids are a wonder. i am so happy to know you nori. you help me to embrace this mystery. after all, we don't really know for certain how we came to be here floating in space - and i'm just fine with that. what about you?
happy tuesday my friends. paz, k

angel here


  1. Ha! I love the questions and I'm fine with that too...

    So while you were on vacation I started a little part time business upcycling secondhand furniture! I'm loving it - thanks for the sweet comments on the blog and welcome back to routine.


  2. Awww that why I love kids soooo much....They are so creative and ask all those cool questions:) Happy Tuesday,sweetie

  3. kids are so in tune aren't they! Incredible!