Saturday, July 11, 2009

growing community...

these wonderful photographs were taken by Lucas Foglia while documenting the life of a Providence, Rhode Island community garden. Gardens do build community.

see more here at good magazine.


  1. I love the idea of community gardens and I hope we will see more and more of them.

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  4. Hey sweet!

    I have actually seen something about this just yesterday. great idea. And these images speaks so much, hard labor, care and love.

    regarding the swap idea..Sounds like tons of fun. I am def. in for that :))
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    Have a great Sunday, wish you tons of inspiration.

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  5. These photographs are exquisite. We participate in a community garden here in Lincoln. It is a wonderful experience, and yes, there are people from many different countries who till the soil - side by side.

  6. Such a beautiful project.. Very inspiring..

  7. Love that top photo - and sharing a garden is such a productive way to work.