Friday, July 3, 2009

love in schools

I found a short piece by - of all people - Val Kilmer in an old issue of O Magazine about creating a curriculum of love in our schools. I often think about his words and wanted to share them with you.

What if we made it mandatory to teach love in schools? It would be a subject you study, like algebra. You'd have to pass a test to get married or have a baby, after learning how to love. Our children would learn to be nurturing. It would be safe for boys to be loving. I heard a quote once: "Men have come and for a time made evil victorious, but they never win...Love always prevails." If we taught love, it would do more than prevail. It would manifest through our actions. Total love would liberate us all.

Some food for thought. Peace and have a lovely Friday!! k


  1. What an interesting concept, thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for the visit. You have such a lovely blog as well :)

  2. Really like it! And I always had a soft spot for Val.

  3. LOVELY idea!...why not!!
    In the end LOVE is all we need...
    Great weekend~