Tuesday, July 7, 2009

chef's palate...

I'm loving the home of this Chicago chef. I think my favorite table in the world is the classic saarinen pedestal table. It's like a blank canvas to be decorated with any set of chairs to suit your mood and style. Love it for this very reason. The options are endless. His red saarinen chairs are a perfect choice.

what's your favorite table? thanks for taking a peek!! paz, k
you can find these photos here.


  1. so fantastic! i love, love, love hardwood floors.

  2. I'm in the same boat, I have loved the saarinen table since I was a kid. My Uncle & Aunt had one & other iconic pieces that I thought at the time were so hip. My second favorite, although not sure of the maker, is a table made from a huge slab natural wood. Like a tree on legs. So raw & gorgeous. Love those photos!

  3. i love the saarinen because, like you say, it lends itself to many styles; it's a classic. my other favorite is a classic too: an old, well-used farm table. i am loving those pictures, too... thanks for sharing.

  4. i'm in complete agreement about the saarinen table - it really does allow you plenty of breathing room for creativity! but despite what kind of table, i'm always down for cool, unique and colorful chairs to spice it up a bit :)