Thursday, July 16, 2009


my sister-in-law is not only a black belt in karate she is also an incredible decorator and stylist. She sent me a few photos to share...thanks M!! (these photos only give you a taste of their gorgeous brownstone in st. paul)
by the way, she is also a new mommy and is studying chinese medicine! she rocks.

have a lovely evening!! k


  1. Heck yeah, she rocks! A woman of many talents and it seems she isn't stopping...

  2. What a great space and an inspiring woman!

  3. What a lady :)

    Evelins sketchbook is indeed inspiring. I have so many sketchbooks laying around and non of them looks as good as hers hihi. But hey, they work for me :) At least I get to jot down my wicked ideas before I forget it or instead of going insane...waaa

    You should try it :) Or start with a beautiful diary 'journal' and write, paste, and scribble....

    All the best!
    Btw I did send you an email yesterday.

    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210