Friday, July 31, 2009


how do we bring out the goddess in us all?
I need constant reminders of the tender care my spirit needs. things as simple as flowers on the mantle, a massage, an uplifting book or poem, a long talk with a good friend, a walk in the woods, solitude, prayer, nurturing my creative side bring great joy. maybe deep joy is the key to our self-care.
what ways do you nurture your inner goddess?
hope your day is filled with remarkable moments of joy. paz,k
dazzling photos by camilla akrans


  1. meditation and yoga!

  2. I love these photos and I think you're so right about nurturing ourselves! For me that means taking long walks, reading, drinking lots of water, and arranging flowers. xoxo Gigi

  3. great points! so crucial to well being...

    I love swimming in the ocean a few blocks away, and super long soaks in the tub with awesome spa-like products!

    sometimes a good glass of wine puts you in the goddess frame of mind... ;)

  4. Thanks for reminding the Goddess in me..

  5. I'm so loving these images! when I was younger and less sure of myself, I had to tell myself to "walk the goddess walk" in social situations. it worked because all I was doing was conjuring up latent spirit, spunk, mystery and independence in that walk.