Tuesday, July 14, 2009

weekend treasures...

I drove out to my favorite thrift store this weekend in Aurora, IL. I found so many wonderful things. I try and try with my photos! Maybe one day I'll advance from my little 6.0 pixel camera. Enjoy! Do you have a favorite store for treasures?

I want so badly to learn how to embroider. I bought this book partly because of the inspiration but also because of these wonderful photographs! What cuties!

these are darling pinafores!

wish I could pull this look off!!

pretty scarves

found a pair of these paintings....
thought the colors were beautiful.
have a great day friends! k


  1. You truly found some treasures. Have a blessed day. Andrea

  2. I love, love, love that little butterfly sugar dish! Just fabulous.

  3. I'm really loving that sugar dish! It's exquisite!

    Uh yes, I do have a favorite store...can you guess? :) It's where all my favorite finds are offered to others!

    I want to try and re-learn knitting...maybe I'll start in the fall.

  4. my love of thrifting is almost out of control. great finds!

  5. first of all, your pics are fab!
    second, will you PLEASE swing by and pick me up next time you go to that shop. What great finds.

  6. love the butterflied jar. Cute finds!