Thursday, May 20, 2010

transplant to the country....

you must check out saidos da concha blog. concha is a portuguese transplant living in the english countryside of straffordshire, england. she creates such beautiful photographs and even lovelier patterned clutches. it is a delight to wander through her blog and live vicariously in a place where meadows are the norm and bowls of fresh cut flowers adorn her home like jewels. enjoy!
happy friday friends!! paz, k
be sure to take a peek at her sweet etsy shop too! i have my eye on the pencil cases for my kids this summer. we can keep our crayons in my purse all neatly packed.


  1. Gorgeous, I must check our her blog! Thanks for sharing!! x

  2. Hi Lovely:)
    I have to check her blog..Thanks for that...Btw: about the stripes? I think you should try the thinner once...They usual look great on all body types and I think maybe a tee would be great :)
    You are so lovely :)))
    Kisses and Happy Friday:)

  3. I just want to say that Concha's blog is lovely. I visit every day - highly recommended. :)

  4. I love how the mantle is dressed, so disheveled and chic!


  5. oh osh ... aren't these images just so fresh and lively?
    i so love picking posies to place in various vessels of any shape
    and size about the house ... yay for this season!!
    i have a very similar little blue tea pot that a co worker gave
    me years ago ~ this has inspired me to pull it out!
    thanks for sharing this ...
    have a most lovely weekend ~
    prairiegirl xo

  6. Why thank you for such a lovely post! I'm blushing at your kind words.

    So glad you enjoy my days! :)

    Best wishes!