Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i heart cavendish....

happy tuesday friends!!
i am a complete magazine addict. one of my favorite foodie magazines is saveur. i love it because it not only has wonderful recipes but also has such interesting stories about food, its origins and social and cultural impact in our world. it is a great read. i just finished an article called Fruit of the Future by dan koeppel and learned 5 fun facts about our little yellow friend you might not know:
1. entrepreneur andrew preston made the U.S. fall in love with the banana more than a century ago
2. the banana is the most popular fruit in the U.S. - we consume more of it than we do apples and oranges combined
3. andrew preston created united fruit co. - today it's called chiquita
4. a banana is actually an herb - the world's largest (hmmm...)
5. cavendish is the type of banana we are accustomed to eating - U.S. originally ate Big Mike bananas but their crops were devastated by disease
so, go on out today and eat your cavendish!!
i can't thank you enough for your thoughts/comments and kindness. thanks also for helping me to continue seeing the world through your eyes - for training me in observation of so many little miracles. paz, k


  1. I never realized our bananas had a special name... but of course it makes sense that they would. Cavendish... I like it!

  2. Ohh you are so sweet...I am shocked that banana is a herb....hahaha...I didnt know that:)
    What an interesting post! Really love it!
    Kisses and I am off to eat one of those herbs:)