Sunday, May 16, 2010

disappear for a year....

sometimes we dream about taking the kids out of school for a year to travel about the world. we dream about living in farm houses in places like County Kerry, Ireland or Normandy, France (above!!) and letting the kids wake to birds and gardens, empty beaches and end their nights climbing trees, sitting wrapped in blankets by warm fires, watching the sky light up with stars we miss in the city. i do believe we can make anything happen.....would you disappear for a year? k

paradise here


  1. Ah yes, I know that dream very well... and this place would be a perfect destination!

  2. Yes...oh, yes!

  3. So grand and stylish. A gorgeous dream! xx

  4. Oh yes I would!! As long as I could take my other half, my dog and my computer (oh yeah and unlimited funds!!). A nice dream to have on a Monday morning...


  5. Absolutely! Probably somewhere like Kauai - a relaxed place where I can soak up the sun and surf. How glorious!

  6. I dream about it all the time! I proposed a fabulous escape to my hubby, but he being super practical brought me back to reality - booo to practicality! Maybe one day...

  7. Have you read the blog away-together? They are doing just that! Family of 4 traveling the world for a year, in fact they are almost done. I have a link on my side bar. It is so interesting and a wealth of information about traveling.