Thursday, May 27, 2010

just a peek....

outside your window. what do you see today?
a matisse exhibit is running at the art institute in chicago. i must go before it closes late june. school is out next week so i think we'll take the train into the city and go see this little blue room in person. happy friday! paz, k
matisse, the window


  1. Oh I love Matisse, I studied his work at school!

    Out of my windows are trees but sadly not the beach despite not living far away from it(I need to be a multi-millionaire for that!!):-)

  2. So pretty...I see beautiful coffee place and lovely people:)
    Happy Friday to you too my lovely:)

  3. Matisse sounds way better than what I'm seeing! It's pounding rain against my window, trees blowing sideways and a heavy cast of gray. I'm going to turn it into a hibernation weekend of duvets, pots of tea and Mad Men!