Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lucky lucy....

one day i'd like to have colorful, artful tiles as a back splash above my stove. i found these tiles in one of my favorite magazines Country Living, British Edition. if you haven't picked up a copy of this magazine you should. it is so full of real life country folk living in the gorgeous english countryside making canes, weaving wool, and creating practical yet lovely pottery. lucy dunce is one of the lucky ones who lives a life creating beautiful ceramic objects like these amazing tiles. enjoy!

thanks for looking!! have a wonderful evening. k


  1. Those are so gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it for a tile backsplash!


  2. Oh my, these are unbelievably beautiful tiles... I thought they were wall art at first!

  3. hello dear osh!
    i was so thrilled to have you come visit ...
    and even more excited to finally get back visiting you!
    these tile designs are exceptional ~ really love them ..
    thanks so much for introducing us to this wonderful artist!
    happy weekend ~
    pg xo