Sunday, May 9, 2010

it came in the mail....

when i was little we used to shop at woodward and lothrop in columbia, maryland. there was a candy counter in the department store and we would order caramels and what they called "surgary" chocolates or vanillas. they were put in a box and wrapped in white paper. when the department store closed we didn't know if velatis existed anymore but my mother who has a bit of a sweet tooth tracked them down in washington, d.c. and surprised us by sending a box of the sugary chocolates and vanillas for us to savor and delight in for the next few days - or at least until they last. do you have a favorite childhood memory of a sweet?

thanks mom! paz.


  1. oh my, does this ever look tasty!!

  2. How cool is that, that they still made those! They look delish. Lovely blog!

  3. Mmmm, that sounds absolutely decadent! I would save up my babysitting money and allowance as a kid and go to Mrs. K's Candy Shop and pick out Lick-a-sticks, Big Chew baseball gum, fuzzy peaches, gummi worms, Popeye's candy cigarettes (ha!) and much, much more!


  4. mmm, looks divine.

    xo Alison