Thursday, September 24, 2009

so fine...

well, my parents have said they are going to send out their baby grand to our little house in the midwest. i hope it fits through our front door! it will eat up some space for sure inside but i envision a room like this where the piano takes on a personality of its own - breathing more passion, more life into our home and lives. i look forward to hearing sticky little fingers run up and down the black and white keys - at first banging out a tune or two. then will come the songs that sound like rain falling or reindeer on a rooftop. won't that be fine. we shall see.
happy friday friends.

the piano carl larsson


  1. A piano is wonderful addition to any family! I loved washing dishes while my children played the piano in the family room. Well, maybe the truth is that I loved listening to my children play the piano while I washed the dishes...I've never loved washing dishes.

  2. You are so fortunate to inherit your childhood piano. I really miss having one in our home. It's a dream to own one again, let alone a baby grand. There will be happy notes coming from your household soon ~ Hope your weekend was "grand"?!