Tuesday, September 15, 2009

happy tuesday...

"you do not need to be doing great things. In your own small way, among your neighbors, around your house, see that you are a friend to everyone. Learn to love everyone equally, no matter what he or she is." sri swami satchidananda
I am really missing my blogging but I am trying to adjust to new schedules and being back in school. I was searching through some boxes of books the other day and found the quote above on a bookmark. This is one of my favorite quotes and I thought I'd lost it. It reminds me that being Great is in the small tasks and gestures in each day. It is not about feeding the ego or growing a big bank account, or claiming a good title at a company. I heard someone say recently that those who are truly the happiest in life work to help others - either as a career or in their free time. Perhaps it helps us to forget our own worries and it creates (or taps into) more love in the world. So simple. Sounds good to me.
Hope you are having an abundant day.
paz, k


  1. i'm going to try to hang onto that verse. and let go of other things. thanks.

  2. That's a really great quote!! It's so hard adjusting to new things.


  3. That's a great quote! And I was just feeling so stressed out with my own graduate work that your post went up just in time for this little ol' reader.
    Thank you :)

  4. Hi, love the quote, Thank you, Have a sweet weekend! x