Thursday, September 10, 2009


"Watch an animal, a flower, a tree, and see how it rests in Being. It is itself. It has enormous dignity, innocence, and holiness. However, for you to see that, you need to go beyond the mental habit of naming and labeling. The moment you look beyond mental labels, you feel that ineffable dimension of nature that cannot be understood by thought or perceived through the senses. It is a harmony, a sacredness that permeates not only the whole of nature but is also within you." e. tolle
maybe this is why i find such peace when i walk in the woods. nature doesn't have any hidden agendas, no complex personalities. it has so very much to teach us if we just watch, breathe and listen. i like this concept of resting in Being. do you practice just Being? if so, how?
happy thursday. paz, k
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  1. I do it by finding a comfortable rock by the water and watching the waves roll in. All else leaves my mind and I can just be in the moment. Nothing else does it so thoroughly for me except maybe lying down in a patch of sunlight and taking a nap like a cat. xo

  2. i love that photo. i'm often standing by my kitchen window, doing the dishes, looking outside. sometimes i'm in the moment, but often my mind is elsewhere. this is a good reminder to just be.

  3. Every day I begin again - practising just being - it is a wonderful challenge to pull oneself back from busy mind, to resting in being. I love Tolle's comparison to how nature rests in its own beingness.

    Thank you for a lovely post!

  4. such a thoughtful, pensive post ... and i do believe we almost need to make a conscious effort to practice 'being' ... allow ourselves to get lost in nature's beauty and wonder ... we are bombarded with 'shoulds' and 'must do's' ... and really the only must is to 'just be' from time to time ... there is a natural rhythm in the earth and it is in us as well ... be still ... listen and it will present itself ... i find this just walking across our yard ~ breathing deeply and quietly ...
    with much gratitude,

  5. great post. a few years ago, my husband and i were in the middle of no-where pa. we were on a hike and came to this huge feild of wildflowers. i remember thinking, "wow, these flowers are so brillant, and yet they need noone to tell them that...they just are to be"

  6. Lovely post. I find joy and peace in riding horses, I love the connection you feel with the horse and the relationship that results. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.