Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy weekend...

if i were a painter i'd take my little painting bench and go sit beneath a tall oak tree today and hope that one or two of those wonderfully green acorns might find their way into my lap. i imagine this bench in a field of tall grass, with a painter's arched neck peering at a bird or nest, gracing the table with the most serene shadow. she would be wearing linen and have her pockets full of apples and stones, those things she could not pass by without picking them up to take a closer look and maybe a taste. perhaps she remains on her bench, sitting sideways, boots muddied until the sky turns purple at sunset. just my kind of saturday.
paz, k

primitive artist's bench here


  1. Lovely. I'm not a painter, but I want a painter's bench.

  2. What a beautiful portrait you painted with picture and words. I love it.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. Your description is positively magical! xo

  4. Hi kathryn
    Carla here (Heidi's swap partner). thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really looking forward to the swap too, and would really like to make something good for heidi...Perhaps you can give me some secret tips about what she might like? By the way, I *love* the painter's bench in your post....

  5. if you have this kind of saturday next saturday, do you think i could come? i'll be sure to have big pockets ...
    prairiegirl xo