Saturday, August 15, 2009

shield of faith...

abigail heche is the sister of actress anne heche and she has the most wonderful jewelry shop in lakeside, mi. it has a big pink awning and is the size of a hot dog stand. maybe it was at one time. it is located directly on red arrow highway and today I stopped in to see what pretties she had. oh, they are lovely! I bought a silver piece she calls shield of faith. she explained that all that comes towards us first meets our faith, our shield. I love that. her site is wonderful!

shield of faith in gold

paz, k


  1. Love the paintwork on that shop! x

  2. missed you today during "question" sunday!

  3. She has such lovely things! Those stacked rings are divine.

  4. Gorgeous jewelry designs! LOVE the cuff!

  5. We are not too far from there and were just in on Red Arrow a few weeks ago. I will have to stop next time. Such a cute shop!