Thursday, August 5, 2010

what a little girl wants....

oh boy, summer days with the kids are wonderful but since they're finished with camp now i'm on duty 15 hours a day. so, my blogging has been lagging and i'm so sorry i haven't been visiting your blogs! i'm missing them terribly. hope you all are well and soaking up the glorious sun and warmth. the photo above is of my 6 year old and her collection of silly bands. they're rubber bands that come in different shapes like dolphins or flowers, princesses, airplanes etc. i wanted to show you all because i'm curious if this is a trend in other parts of the US and if there are cute little girls and boys wearing the same rainbows on their arms in Europe, Australia, and Asia as well. do tell!! paz, k


  1. Ohhh yes I've seen them around...They are really cute for kids:)

    I am doing very well,sweetie...Thank you so much for asking...Have fun in the last few weeks of summer and see you soon:)

    Kisses and hugs

  2. I got some for my monkeys but I wear them too- I love having them as a hair tie- I don't have that many on at a time!