Monday, August 2, 2010

a note of hope....

on this blank canvas of brick in memphis, tennessee jeff zimmerman created the note for hope. it represents both human potential and human struggles common to us all. it brought a rainbow to a corner of town in need of some hope. i love murals. in fact, one of my dreams is to have a building serving the community with some sensational mural facing the street so when folks drive by they will know it's a place of love and possibility.
do you have a favorite wall mural?
paz to you on this beautiful summer monday! k


  1. That is such a great thing...Love that you posted the before and after..its so pretty:)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend my dear!

    Kisses and see you soon:)

  2. Love JZ's mural! It is very colorful and gives the impression of movement.

    I hope that it stands the test of time and doesnt' get tagged.

  3. I always like hearing the stories behind murals.
    This is definitely an improvement!

  4. Ps: I am having a really great GIVEAWAY today…hint?(something you can wear) so please join in !!!!