Friday, August 6, 2010

good living....

great for an adult or child. you could spend a
whole rainy morning rearranging!

too cute and cozy!

would love this wallsticker in almost
any room

so clever....

a field of flowers in my bedroom
would be most welcome
i like to surround myself with beautiful things and i know you do too! if joyful things are tucked in corners and papered on walls it makes me a happier person. be sure to check out this incredible aussie store ferm living. just another way to make you sunny inside. have a perfect weekend of peace and rest! k


  1. Hi K ~

    Absolutely love the first image...and my crumb would find those sweet little animals to be so fabulous!

    Hope you are well!

  2. Love the bar code but could you imagine placing it on the wall line by line?- That would take a whole day!

  3. I adore those wall stickers...So cool:)

    kisses and have a wonderful day,sweetie