Tuesday, November 10, 2009

something to collect...

I've had my eye on some antique cutting boards. I think they would look lovely in a row on a kitchen wall. They have so much texture and there are stories in those stains and imperfections. I found this pair from bonny neiman antiques. do you have favorite cutting boards - with memories embedded in the wood?
have a wonder filled tuesday.
paz, k

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  1. Collecting cutting boards is such a great idea! Even after they start to split and warp a little - they become more beautiful. I bet you could find some neat ones that were once painted. My mother has one which has this really faded scene of a girl sitting on a fence painted on it. It belonged to my grandmother and even though we never use it - it's also not going anywhere.
    I think I may have to steal your idea - I really like the idea of collecting cutting boards. :)