Thursday, November 12, 2009

Postcard from Hong Kong

We are in Hong Kong visiting my mother and aging grandparents.

I am struck again by the incredible natural beauty of this place, especially the endless green mountains and the sea. When we go to visit my grandparents, the girls stand on the veranda letting the sea breeze ruffle their damp little heads.

I am once again struck by the importance of place. How without it our memories simply drift, unanchored. To see one's children perched on this same balcony I spent so many summers myself, mesmerized in similar fashion by the sparkling sea, is to feel something brimming and aching. Sameness and striking change jostle one another at this feast table of Moment.

What place calls to mind a similar experience for you?

In beauty,


  1. Beautiful.

    My grandparents modest home in rural South Carolina. It brings back the sweetest and fondest of memories. A place I truly felt safe.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. oh what photos! keep em coming! maybe Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard brings up some of those memories. Also motorhoming....lovely post!

  3. Beautifully said, I couldn't agree more.