Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking Back

We left Hong Kong a week ago and came home to this:

the Japanese maple has dropped its leaves and the air is cold and wet. Because I am missing my family in Hong Kong I am cooking lots of Chinese soup and ginger tea to keep us all warm and sound. The ginger tea recipe is my mom's: it is much better than the one I used to make on my own. The key is that it should be: "tasty, like an after- dinner dessert drink!" Drink if you feel a dry throat, nausea, or as if you are feeling susceptible...

Hot Ginger Drink
Peel and pound a couple of big pieces of ginger (about 2 inches)
Add boiling water, enough for another cup later
Add brown sugar or rock candy sugar to your taste--it should be yummy!

Boil uncovered for about ten minutes. Taste. It should be warming and spicy, but only to your taste. If it is too much for you, add more hot water. Not spicy enough, boil, reducing for longer, or add more ginger.

Stay warm!


  1. That recipe reads like a poem. Dreamy...

    Welcome home!

  2. That is exactly what I need tonight for my cold! Lovely. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family. I'm so glad! xo Gigi