Thursday, August 12, 2010

this moment....

"this moment" post inspired by lady of the arts blog. my oldest friend (35 years!) sent this to me. her children are playing pirate ship in her living room. i love the one in the beard. i've been acting as cruise director/camp counselor for my kids. so come night i am whipped. once school begins i'll be able to sit still and read your beautiful blogs. until then, hope you are well.
paz, k

Monday, August 9, 2010

blue saturday....

we made our annual trek to michigan for blueberry picking. the sun beat down on our heads and arms but fortunately there was a cool breeze as we picked in the long rows of berry bushes. summertime. the berries burst in our mouths as we sampled a few and uncovered some stray blackberry bushes. such abundance. a perfect morning. hope you had some perfect moments this weekend. happy monday! paz, k

pies and smoothies and crumbles to come.... do you have any good blueberry recipes?

Friday, August 6, 2010

good living....

great for an adult or child. you could spend a
whole rainy morning rearranging!

too cute and cozy!

would love this wallsticker in almost
any room

so clever....

a field of flowers in my bedroom
would be most welcome
i like to surround myself with beautiful things and i know you do too! if joyful things are tucked in corners and papered on walls it makes me a happier person. be sure to check out this incredible aussie store ferm living. just another way to make you sunny inside. have a perfect weekend of peace and rest! k

Thursday, August 5, 2010

what a little girl wants....

oh boy, summer days with the kids are wonderful but since they're finished with camp now i'm on duty 15 hours a day. so, my blogging has been lagging and i'm so sorry i haven't been visiting your blogs! i'm missing them terribly. hope you all are well and soaking up the glorious sun and warmth. the photo above is of my 6 year old and her collection of silly bands. they're rubber bands that come in different shapes like dolphins or flowers, princesses, airplanes etc. i wanted to show you all because i'm curious if this is a trend in other parts of the US and if there are cute little girls and boys wearing the same rainbows on their arms in Europe, Australia, and Asia as well. do tell!! paz, k

Monday, August 2, 2010

a note of hope....

on this blank canvas of brick in memphis, tennessee jeff zimmerman created the note for hope. it represents both human potential and human struggles common to us all. it brought a rainbow to a corner of town in need of some hope. i love murals. in fact, one of my dreams is to have a building serving the community with some sensational mural facing the street so when folks drive by they will know it's a place of love and possibility.
do you have a favorite wall mural?
paz to you on this beautiful summer monday! k

Saturday, July 31, 2010

do you know....

the african-american artist romare beardon? he grew up during the harlem renaissance and was known for his stunning collages as well as his paintings and drawings. i love his work and in particular i'm inspired by his powerful collage work. enjoy!

i'm very slowly getting over my summer bug. it has turned into a cold now and my H had it for a few days. ugh! ick. i hope you all are well. i hope to be myself come monday!! happy weekend to you. paz, k

Friday, July 30, 2010

i need a betty....

ok, so i don't have a bike - yet!- but i can dream. that's what blogging is all about i think - dreaming. i would love to have a sweet betty bag join me on a summer or fall excursion to the local farmer's market. i'd load her up with good things to eat - and ohhh how pretty she'd look. the magic is that they turn into totes!! heaven. do you have a betty bag? find them here. paz, k